MoD Reusable Silicone Masks with disposable filters.

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5 Layer Technology


Protection from Covid-19 & Pollution.

  • Triple Covid Filtering Layers - 99.6% Filtration
  • Actived Carbon Layer for Protection from Polution
  • Water Droplet Filtration

    secure fit

    s2 mask
    soft, flexible, comfortable

    CE Certified in Europe
    Replaceable N99 filters

    independently tested in

    N99 Filtration

    Highly Certified

    All our products are independently tested.

    • European CE Certified
    • 99.96% Filtration
    • FFP3 / N99 Filter Protection
    • Adjustable Head Strap
    • Soft, comfortable Silicone
    • Independently tested to KN95 & EN14683:2019 Standards



    "“The best reusable mask I’ve tried”"

    Dr. Alex van Houtte,



    2 APR 2017, 12:21


    "“I'm a practicing Hospitalist of 16 years and, currently employed in a large academic hospital. Given the likelihood of facing the daunting reality of PPE shortages, many clinicians/providers purchase their own PPE. Disposable masks are not practical as, they were not designed for more than one use. Most are poorly fitted and must be disposed of when contaminated.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability of the MOD S2 silicone face mask. The molded frame is comfortable and, the size of the mask provides good air flow. The integrity of the seal is maintained which, is critical when you are working 10-12 hour shifts. The on/off exhale valve is ideal in my environment as, my patients are highly immunocompromised. My level of exposure is variable thus, the ability to change the filters (FFP3/N99 compatible) as liberally as needed is ideal. It takes only 60 seconds to sanitize. Lastly, I'm no longer spending hundreds of dollars per month on poorly made disposable N95 masks"


    Dr. Rose,

    Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and ICU, USA